If you are interested in placing your banner on City Tecks.

How long will my banner last? 30 days

Order Advertising

Banner 468x60: $9.99/Month USD Click Here
Sponsor Box 200x200: 1 Spot ONLY $7.99/Month USD Click Here
Wide Skyscraper 160x600: $14.99/Month USD Click Here
Leaderboard 728x90: $19.99/Month USD Click Here
Page Peel Adverts: $11.99/Month USD Click Here
Text Ad: 2 Spot ONLY $11.99/Month USD Click Here

Click Here to see where all banner located.

Banner Requirements

  • Must be jpg or gif - No flash. (Animated or Static Banner)
  • Banners must be hosted by us. Once your payment and order are confirmed..

Banner Limitations

  • No Adult material.
  • No Drugs related pages.
  • No file sharing related material.
  • No extremely rude, hate, or discriminating sites.
  • No religious/political sites.
  • Nothing illegal.

* City Tecks reserves the right to restrict or refuse advertising if felt necessary.

* Your banner will be put in rotation along with others to help improve the CTR (Click Through Rate) which will result in a more successful advertising campaign for your company.
** No more than 5 button ads will be shown at the same time on the site while your ad is running.
*** We will make ONE tweet per month about your service.


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